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Fingerplays for Young Children
Songs and Chants with Actions and Directions


These fingerplay songs and chants are available from a variety of albums. 

      Arabella Miller–Fingerplay with additional lyrics
      The Beaver Call– With action photographs
      Baby Bumblebee– Kiboomu Music
      A Chubby Little Snowman– Fingerplay with illustrated directions
      Face to Face– Fran Avni
      The Finger Dance– Dr. Thomas Moore
      Finger Family– Music with Mar.
      Five Big Dinosaurs– Jack Hartmann
      Five Fingers– Music with Mar.
      Five Fingers in My Pocket– Music with Mar.
      Five Little Mice– Liz Buchanan
      Five Little Monkeys– Kiboomu Music
      Five Little Pumpkins– Kiboomu Music
      Five Little Rabbits– Music with Mar.
      Five Little Seashells– Fingerplay with illustrated motions
      Five Valentines– Music with Mar.
      The Grand Old Duke of York– With action photographs
      Grandmother's Glasses
           Children enjoy varying the pitch of their voices with this
           classic fingerplay
      Handful of Fingers Ron Brown
      Here is a Bunny– Chant with action photographs
      I'm a Little Teapot– Kiboomu Music
      I'm a Nut– With action photographs
      I Can Count to Ten– Music with Mar.
      I Spy Attributes– Ron Brown
      Itsy-Bitsy Spider– Kiboomu Music
      The Itsy-Bitsy Spider– Traditional children's fingerplay song
      Jaws– Colleen & Uncle Squaty
      Lady Bug Rap– Music with Mar.
      Lions– Music with Mar.
      Little Girl, Ready for Bed– Fingerplay with action photographs
      Little Turtle– Kiboomu Music
      Miss Polly Had a Dolly– Traditional children's fingerplay song
      The Little Turtle– Fingerplay with action photographs
      Martin Luther King
           An action song about Dr. King's march on Washington, D.C.
      Mr. Sun– Traditional
      The Night Froggies Flew– Colleen & Uncle Squaty
      Pat-a-Cake, Pat-a-Cake– Kiboomu Music
      Right Hand, Left Hand– Music with Mar.
      Roly Poly #2– Colleen & Uncle Squaty
      Show Me 10– Ron Brown
      Six Little Ducks– Kiboomu Music
      Sticky Bubble Gum– With photographs of motions and directions
      Ten Puppies (Diez Perritos)– Jim Rule
      Ten In Bed– Traditional/Jim Rule
      Ten Little Chipmunks– Lyrics by Songs For Teaching™
      These Little Stars of Mine– Music with Mar.
      This Little Piggy– Kiboomu Music
      This Old Man– Kiboomu Music
      This Old Man– Thematic Connections for an Old Favorite
      Three Blue Pigeons– A Classic Children's Fingerplay
      Three Little Smelly Skunks– Traditional/Colleen and Uncle Squaty
      Three Short-Necked Buzzards– Traditional/Colleen and Uncle Squaty
      Tick Tock– Jim Rule
      Tie Your Shoes Rap– Jack Hartmann
      Tommy Thumb– This Preschool Classic Teaches Finger Names
      Top 33 Fingerplays and Nursery Rhymes– Kiboomu Music
      Two Little Blackbirds– An Early Childhood Classic
      Two Little Blackbirds– Kiboomu Music
      Two Little Robins– Liz Buchanan
      Way Up High in the Apple Tree– Kiboomu Music
      We Will Have a New Friend– Music with Mar.
      Where are the Bees?– Music with Mar.
      Where is Thumbkin?– Fingerplay with Actions
      Where is Thumbkin?– Kiboomu Music


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