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Marc Chagall
Rap-Song for Teaching Famous Artist Recognition in Art Classes
Sharon Luanne Rivera: School Art Theatre Productions

This song is available on Sharon Luanne Rivera's
Rappin' Clappin' Singin' About Art
Volume 2.

(Verse 1) 
When Marc Chagall was real small, 
He had two dreams; become an artist, and to get married. 
To learn to paint he went to Paris, where he met many other artists, 
And made pictures from his memories of his life in Russia.
Went home and married Bella.

Marc Chagall was born eighteen-hundred and eighty seven.
Colorful compositions he created of his life in Russia. 
He used oil paints vivid and bright. 
Painted creatures blue, and faces green in happy, dreamy scenes;
Of things both real and make believe.

(Verse 2) 
Marc Chagall made stained glass in a synagogue. 
Painted birds and dancers in an opera house. 
Designed scenery for the stage, and costumes for a play 
And murals of splendid color and fantasy, and painted Calvary.


(Verse 3)
Marc Chagall drew from his dreams. 
Swirled figures in space.
Used unreal colors all over the place. 
He made a cat with a head of a man.
Painted things upside down, and symbols of his faith 
Like beads and crosses in I and the Village.

Chorus 2xs
(Ending) Of things both real and make believe. 
Marc Chagall, Marc Chagall.

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Many thanks to Sharon Luanne Rivera for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© School Art Theatre Productions. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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