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Review Rap
Rap-Song for Teaching Famous Artist Recognition in Art Classes
Sharon Luanne Rivera: School Art Theatre Productions

This song is available on Sharon Luanne Rivera's
Rappin' Clappin' Singin' About Art
Volume 2.

Yo, yo, well here we go. Today we learned about some artists. Henri
Rousseau painted things exotic. Henri Matisse was really great,
especially with line and shape, especially with line and shape.
(clap and click sequence) 2xs

Leonardo painted Mona Lisa. His greatest work was The Last
Supper. Marc Chagall painted his dreams. Used bright colors of red,
blue, green. Used bright colors of red, blue, green.
(clap and click sequence) 2xs

Last but not least we studied Rembrandt. He was a Dutch artist.
Created pictures of his son,Titus. Painted ninety self-portraits.
He made his people look really alive, didn't just paint them in a
straight line. Sixteen-hundred and sixty nine is the year that
Rembrandt died. Sixteen-hundred and sixty nine is the year that
Rembrandt died.
(clap and click sequence) 2xs

Yo, yo, Leonardo. Yo, yo, Henri Rousseau. Yo, yo, Henri Matisse. Yo, yo,
Marc Chagall. Yo, yo, Rembrandt van Rijn. Yo, yo, Rembrandt van Rijn.
(clap and click sequence) 2xs

Here we go. Here we go. (strike back to back pose)

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Many thanks to Sharon Luanne Rivera for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© School Art Theatre Productions. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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