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Social Skills: How to Interact with Human Beings
Musical Play

Bad Wolf Press provides fun and easy musical plays for K-9 classrooms

*  Bring your curriculum, your classroom to life
*  Absolutely no musical talent/ability needed!
*  Catchy melodies, dumb jokes, interesting stories
*  Everything you need at one low price
CLICK HERE to see Common Core Standards & Vocabulary for this play.
CLICK HERE to read Teacher Reviews for this play.


Flexible casting:
From 11-40 students. Use as many Advisors, Clerks, DMV Workers, etc. in each scene as desired. One student can easily play several roles if needed, and individual roles can be doubled up. Note that all roles can be played by either boys or girls; simply change pronouns as needed.


BEN, his sidekick
MEREDITH, her sidekick
KYLE, her sidekick
MARCHING BAND (Flautist, Trumpet Player, Drummer)
CHEFS (Sous Chef, Pastry Chef, Line Cook)

and a CHORUS composed of all students who are not playing
roles on stage at the time.


This is the first one-third of the script:

      (CLASS enters. All four SUPERHEROES enter from side or step forward, talking to each other.)

CAPTAIN INVISIBLE:  That was the WORST party ever. Everybody seemed to HATE us.

FREEZE FRAME:  Oh, I don't know. That one guy kept bringing us stuffed mushrooms.

CAPTAIN INVISIBLE:  That was the caterer.

GREEN PEN:  And even HE disappeared after Info Blast started listing the population statistics of South America. 
      (ALL should look at INFO BLAST when his name is mentioned.)

INFO BLAST:  Yes, the whole crowd was very rude. I hadn't even gotten through the major cities of Colombia when for some reason people started running out of the room.   

CAPTAIN INVISIBLE:  But we're SUPERHEROES! I'm Captain Invisible! I'm super! Everyone is supposed to idolize us. I kept telling them how great we are. Maybe we need to show our superpowers more often. Freeze Frame -- did you freeze anyone?

FREEZE FRAME:  You know that ever since, the, uh, INCIDENT, I can only use my power when someone asks. I kept dropping hints, hoping to get someone to bite. 
      (pretends to be speaking to someone, shaking hands)
"Hi there. I'm Freeze Frame. How'd you like me to put that yappy little dog of yours into suspended animation?" Not a single taker.

CAPTAIN INVISIBLE: It just doesn't make any sense.

GREEN PEN: Nobody ever seems interested in my power.

CAPTAIN INVISIBLE: What? Are you kidding? You're the Green Pen! You can produce PENS at will! I mean -- PENS! That's very cool.

INFO MAN: Actually, due to increased paperless bookkeeping, wireless technology, and digital media, the use of pens has dropped forty-seven percent in the last decade.

GREEN PEN: It would be nice to make some new friends.  

CAPTAIN: We're trying, aren't we? But there is just something wrong with everyone else.

Song 1


I talked for thirty minutes 'bout the deeds that I have done
I showed them ninety pictures of the prizes I have won
What they said was boring so I changed the subject fast
But now I just can't figure why our friendship didn't last!

Social skills, social skills
They clearly don't have social skills
We're superheroes, can't they see?
Social skills, social skills
They clearly don't have social skills
Why won't they all be friends with me?

I interrupted helpfully whenever they were wrong 
I may have raised my voice a bit, but hey, I'm just headstrong!
And when they tried to walk away, I didn't yell or whine;
I went to social media and blasted them online.

Social skills, social skills
They clearly don't have social skills
We're superheroes, can't they see?
Social skills, social skills
They clearly don't have social skills
Why won't they all be friends with me?


When people's reactions aren't what you intend
And the same things keep happening over again
You might want to look at the things that you do -- 
The common denominator might be you

SUPERHEROES (spoken): Impossible!


Social skills, social skills
They clearly don't have social skills
We're superheroes, can't they see?
Social skills, social skills
They clearly don't have social skills
Why won't they all be friends with me?
Why won't they all be friends with me?

      (CLASS sits down/exits.)

GREEN PEN (pointing off stage): Hey look, someone's coming.

CAPTAIN INVISIBLE (worried): Is it my sidekick? I must become invisible!
      (gestures dramatically, then shouts)
      (He flexes, poses, and freezes -- he thinks he is invisible. ADVISORS enter.)

ADVISOR #1: Hello. We are from the ISS.

INFO BLAST: The ISS is the International Space Station, a habitable artificial satellite in low earth orbit.  

ADVISOR #2: Yes, but we're from a different ISS. We represent the International Society for Superheroes.

ADVISOR #3: We have been sent to help some superheroes.

ADVISOR #1 (looking at clipboard or file): Is one of you Freeze Frame?

FREEZE FRAME: That would be me.

ADVISOR #1: (glancing at paper again) And how about the Green Pan?

GREEN PEN: That's PEN. Green PEN.

ADVISOR #1: Sorry.
      (looks back at paper)
Must be a typo.

ADVISOR #2 (to GREEN PEN): Does that mean you can't make a pan? I sort of promised my wife I'd bring her home a new non-stick skillet.

GREEN PEN (sighs): No. I make pens. 
      (SHE offers ADVISOR #2 a pen)

ADVISOR #2 (waving it away): Uh, no thanks. 
How about a Dutch oven?

GREEN PEN (shouts): NO! Just PENS! Oh, what's the use?

INFO BLAST (to ADVISOR): I must say that you look surprisingly robust for someone who has been living in microgravity. Did you know that bone loss occurs at a rate of 1 to 1.5 percent per month while you're in orbit?

FREEZE FRAME (elbows INFO BLAST): They are NOT from the space station!

ADVISOR #1: You are clearly Info Blast.   
      (checks off something on clipboard; then spots CAPTAIN INVISIBLE and walks towards him)
And this must be Captain Invisible.

CAPTAIN INVISIBLE (HE looks uncomfortable; finally): You can't see me. I'm invisible.

ADVISOR #3: Not really.


ADVISOR #2: I'm pretty sure we can all see you.

CAPTAIN INVISIBLE (emphatically): I am hiding. I thought you might be my sidekick.

ADVISOR #1: Where ARE your sidekicks?
      (looks at clipboard)
It says here you all have sidekicks.

FREEZE FRAME: Not Info Blast.

INFO BLAST: My sidekick disappeared in 2009 for some reason. Just when I was in the middle of my month-long recitation of little-known facts about beetles.

FREEZE FRAME: The rest of our sidekicks are, uh, at lunch.

ADVISOR #2: So you're not getting along with them either, huh?

GREEN PEN: Who told you that?

ADVISOR #3: We've come here today because we're getting reports that you are not mixing well with the general population.

CAPTAIN INVISIBLE: That's not our fault!

ADVISOR #1: It's not a matter of blame. You just need to learn some social skills.

ADVISOR #2: Just as some people have a knack for math or writing or music, some people are more naturally gifted at social skills than others.

ADVISOR #3: But that's okay, because you can learn social skills just like you can learn any other skill or subject.

ADVISOR #1: And learning to communicate better will help you in all aspects of your life.

ADVISOR #2: So we're here to help. Think of us as your tutors! We've got some homework for you to do in order to improve.


ADVISOR #3:  You'll see. It will be fun. It's more like a quest!

Song 2


We're gonna send you on a quest for people skills
Just do the things that we suggest for people skills
Politeness is the basic glue
That carries conversations through
You'll become the poster crew for people skills.

There is no fancy test to screen for people skills
Some folks just never got the gene for people skills
But that's okay, don't be distraught
These skills and habits can be taught
We'll help you all to find a spot for people skills.

      (SUPERHEROES start goofing around, making faces, punching each other.)

We will teach you to act
With good manners and tact
Soon you'll be saying "thank you" and "yes, please"!
      (THEY look at SUPERHEROES with dismay)
You're a very tough case
Now stop making that face
      (To each other)
I'm thinking we might have to raise our fees.

And now it's time you hit the road for people skills
We'll send the bill for what we're owed for people skills.
So don't give us one more excuse
Go find your sidekicks and vamoose
And put your superpowers to use for people skills.

ADVISOR #1: We are sending you out to have conversations with complete strangers.

CAPTAIN INVISIBLE: That'll be easy! It's always fun to meet new people and see the admiring looks on their faces.

ADVISOR #2:  Alrighty then. Here you go. 
      (ADVISOR #3 hands a piece of paper to each SUPERHERO.) 
You have specific social skills that you can practice.

ADVISOR #3: It may take a while to get there, but you can learn this stuff.

ALL THREE (cheerleading): And remember: you don't have to be friends with everyone, but you should always strive to be friendly.

      (SUPERHEROES exit. ADVISORS then speak to each other.)

ADVISOR #1: Do you think they can do it?

ADVISOR #2: Maybe. But they have a long way to go.

ADVISOR #3: And they don't have that much time. 
      (Points to audience)
These folks look antsy.

ADVISOR #1 (pointing to one person in audience): Yeah. That guy has already changed his Facebook status three times since the show began.

ADVISOR #2: Then we'd better get going.

ADVISOR #3: I wonder how Info Blast is doing?

      (THEY EXIT as INFO BLAST enters.)

INFO BLAST (enters, speaking to audience):  I did brilliantly, of course! I ran into a marching band and had a splendid conversation. 
      (BAND enters)
Ah, here they are. 
      (to BAND)
So how was that? Did you find me fascinating?

FLAUTIST: Well…to be honest, I didn't really feel like you were listening to what I said.

DRUMMER: Yeah. You kept interrupting me and saying things that had nothing to do with what I was talking about.

INFO BLAST: But what I have to say is so interesting! And I just LOVE to share everything I know.

TRUMPET PLAYER: That may be true, but a conversation is about give and take. When you just talk without listening, it feels to the other person like you don't care about them or what they are saying.

INFO BLAST: Really? So what am I supposed to do then?

ALL THREE: Don't worry -- it's not so hard.

Song 3


Listen, listen
Pay attention
That's the way to comprehension
Listen, listen
Nod and smile 
Ask a question that's worthwhile

It's not hard to show you care
You just have to be aware
When you HEAR what people say
You'll respond in the right way

Listen, listen
Pay attention
That's the way to comprehension
Listen, listen
Nod and smile 
Ask a question that's worthwhile

Our drum major leads each song
We must watch or get it wrong
So here's the path we recommend:
Lend an ear to gain a friend.

      (THEY exit. GREEN PEN and CAPTAIN INVISIBLE enter.)

This concludes the first third of the script.


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