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American Symbols
Teacher Reviews

"My class has performed your plays for the past 14 years. This March we performed American Symbols. The students learned so much about our country, its symbols and history. The parents are still talking about it. We just went on a field trip to our local museum for a 'Pride and Patriotism' exhibit and the docents who led the class through the exhibit were amazed at all the children knew about our country. The children frequently broke out in song when asked about what they know about symbols and patriotism. We did this play from start to finish in a little less that 4 weeks. I cannot tell you how valuable the experience was for all involved. How many second graders can say they know a little bit about the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence? They just took their test to see how much they have learned over the past year and all of them have done a remarkable job. I have never worried about THE TEST. The students are motivated and excited about learning and I believe your plays are a big part of their success. I also want to tell you how many of my past students write me to let me know they have wonderful memories of their play. Your plays are a big reason every year is joyful and memorable. I have NEVER heard from a child the words, 'I remember when we studied for the test' but I hear over and over the wonderful memories of performing their play. Thank you for your fantastic work."

---Kristen Braunreiter, Teacher (2nd grade), Dibble School, Jackson, MI

"The children had a fantastic experience preparing for the play. They practiced diligently and felt so excited and satisfied after presenting it to the children at school and to their parents in the evening. We had thirty children in the musical and over 180 people attending our evening performance. We have received dozens of comments from parents and guests. They found the musical entertaining for all ages and expressed that we should make it a yearly tradition.

"My little guys learned so much about the history of our country. Thank you for always preparing excellent musicals that are clever and perfect for our students. This was one of my favorites. I can't sing at all, but your CDs make it easy even for people like me."

---Jenny Laurich, Teacher (2nd grade), Glenknoll Elementary School, Yorba Linda, CA

"American Symbols is chock-full of great information and mixed with enough humor and jokes that it was enjoyed by the audience and appreciated by the teachers and administration. At first I thought the music might be a little ambitious for 3rd graders, but they learned it quickly and I have even had reports from parents that they heard their children singing the songs on the way to ballgames, and around the house. We just did our first performance of this play this morning and it was extremely well received by the parents and guests!"

---Emily von Redlich, Teacher (3rd grade), Tuscaloosa Academy, Tuscaloosa, AL

"It has made a great venue for the kids to explore American history. I like that there was a combination of songs that I knew from childhood and new songs the kids really like with upbeat tempo."

---Cecilia Chavez, Teacher (K-2nd grades), Albuquerque, NM

"This play fits perfectly into our study of American symbols. I like that there are 2 classic American songs included."

---Julie Austin,Teacher (K-1st grades), Huntington Beach, CA




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