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American Revolution
Teacher Reviews

"Thank you for giving me such an interactive, fun way to recreate history with my fifth graders! I did this musical three times and it was truly a hit with everyone. The students and I have the music constantly going through our heads. Through this music, they are able to better connect to what we are currently studying in social studies (the American Revolution). Students retain concepts better when they are able to act them out and sing about them. I did this play as a BIG musical production on stage and the kids learned so much more than just history - the importance of teamwork and cooperation really came into play (no pun intended!).

"I love that the play can be adapted for any number of students and it suits all levels of confidence in stage performance. Even the most reluctant students come away from the experience of performing in a play with a sense of accomplishment and pride. It gives students a chance to shine if they love to perform, or it helps build confidence in those students who are more shy about being in front of an audience."

---Kristina Cevallos, Teacher (5th grade), Riffa Views International School, Kingdom of Bahrain

"It was fabulous! Not only was the show funny and entertaining, but my class learned a lot about history. My principal was very impressed! I hated doing plays before and now I can't wait until next year!"

---Jennifer Baker, Teacher (4th grade), P.S. 184, New York NY

"We performed The American Revolution for an audience of about 200. We have used three of your plays before with great success, but everyone says this was the best ever! The best part, as always, was that the students learned so much American history. I chose this play because of the history, but the music was lively and I thought the kids would like it. They did!"

---Donna Baker, Logan County Home Educators, Russelville, KY

"I only had four weeks to teach this standard. I played the music while the kids read the script and I elaborated on the important stuff. The kids were thrilled and I was relieved."

---Olga Cammer, 5th Grade Teacher, Sierra Vista School, La Habra, CA

"You helped me provide a wonderful opportunity for my students. It was so easy and well organized. The songs and script were fun for the kids. I would tell any teacher to give it a try. Everything is well prepared and my audience loved it!"

---Toni Day, Teacher (1-2nd grades), Eastlawn Elementary, Burnettsville, IN.

"I loved it! It fit perfectly in our curriculum. The children loved it too. I really enjoyed doing your plays!"

---Melissa Farrell, Teacher (1-2nd grades), Peaslee School, Northboro, MA.

"The play was easy to put together and the parts and songs were easy for the students to learn."

---Deborah D. Daley, Teacher (1st), Mayfield Elementary, Lapeer, MI.

"We absolutely loved it. It went along well with everything that we had previously studied."

---Amanda Weedonr, Teacher (4th grade), Piedmont Community Charter School, Gastonia, NC

"Pretty neat!"

---Brenda Choe, Teacher (2nd grade) Wilton Place Elementary, Los Angeles, CA

"I love that you provide plays that correlate to the curriculum. The community helpers play is lively, clever and funny too. My students loved it!"

---Cynthia Booker, Teacher (2nd grade) Kaegebein Elementary, Grand Island, NY





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