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Greatest Americans of the 20th Century

Teacher Reviews

"Wow! When I introduced the play, my students were so excited I could hardly believe it. They even painted pictures like Jackson Pollack and Georgia O'Keefe. They really enjoyed every minute of it, and now when one of the 'Great Americans' is mentioned somewhere, they relate to our play."

---Kristen Braunreiter, Teacher (3rd grade), Dibble Elementary, Jackson, MI

"This was my first year of doing a musical play. Great Americans was perfect because it fit so wonderfully well into the unit that I do after Christmas vacation. My students learned so much, even about Americans who aren't so well-known by sixth graders. Kids are still mentioning the names of people from the show as they hear or head about them. And the parents loved it!"

---Lisa Atchison, Teacher (6th grade), Bertrand Community School, Bertrand, NE

"It's hilarious and the music is TERRIFIC. The melodies are beautiful and for the most part, very easy for the kids to sing. Thank you so much! You're my first place too look for creative, engaging, funny musicals!"

---Blake Leister, Music Teacher (1st-5th grades), Dawson Elementary, Holden, MA

"The students are really enjoying it. As a teacher, I love that it is educational and fun! This is a great way to teach the cast, and school, about some great Americans."

---Megan Bennett, Teacher (3rd-6th grades), River Bluff Elementary, Fresno, CA

"This play is fabulous for exposing students to lesser-known Americans whom they can research while they learn the show. It's so much fun you won't be able to stand it!"

---Betty Carlson, Teacher (5th grade), Westview Elementary, Champaign, IL

"My class performs this play as part of a biography unit, and not only do my students learn so much about the people in the play, but they also become so much more confident in their speaking ability!"

---Gina Rafael, Teacher (6th grade), Leal Elementary, Cerritos, CA

"It got rave reviews! We did it on a very small budget too. "

---Jane Bader, Teacher (5th grade), East Woods School, Oyster Bay Cove, NY

"It was SPECTACULAR. Every single student was pumped, whether they were in the chorus, or on the stage. We all had to work on literacy and learn how to pronounce substantive vocabulary. The students lit up like light bulbs as they sang, acted, danced, chased, and otherwise dazzled us. So, thanks. You really do create the best material."

---Betty Carlson, Teacher (5th grade), Westview Elementary, Champaign, IL

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