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Good Manners: A Midieval Quest for Polite Behavior

Teacher Reviews

"Good Manners has a great plot and the kids are connecting to the story line very well. Beyond practice (out on the playground) kids are continuing to rerun their favorite little scenes over and over. There is good variety and an up-to-date feel to the music. The kids are enjoing singing the songs and are planning great dances to incorporate while the whole group is singing. We fell in love with the songs instantly!

"I love the connection students feel to the 'ownership' of THEIR play. They are so thrilled to take charge and responsibility of not only presenting the play to our whole school, but to their families as well. Students embody the play they present by taking on the GOOD MANNERS they are singing, acting and dancing about. The message very literally becomes a part of who they are not only on stage but in the classroom and (I hope) at home as well. The WHOLE experience of the play is very real to all of the students involved; it becomes an experience they never forget. We end our school year, each year, with a Bad Wolf Press musical. It is always the highlight of my year and of my students' as well."

---Kimberly Sowvlen, Teacher (3rd grade), San Miguel Elementary School, Lemon Grove, CA

"The children loved practicing and performing this play. They learned the songs and script easily and learned so much. It is such a bonding experience for them. They will never forget Good Manners and had a ball being medieval characters. Our principal and parents were amazed and impressed with our efforts. To the last child, they loved it and felt a great deal of success when it was finished. They really hated to see the end of our practicing and we sang the songs and talked about our play till the end of the year. When a line or phrase would come up that we performed, everyone would get excited. A wonderful memory for them to have forever."

---Kristen Braunreiter, Teacher (2nd grade), Dibble Elementary School Jackson, Michigan

"We performed Good Manners last week to a packed house! Everyone loved this show! The songs and lyrics are brilliant, the tunes are catchy, the lines are funny but full of good advice. The kids, parents, teachers, and audience loved it! The only bad part is that I wake up in the middle of the night with part of a song in my head. I do a major production of one of your shows every year with my elementary school Drama Club. I love your shows and the freedom I have to add parts, redo things, and go music-theater crazy!"

---Deborah Ryan Cook, Teacher

"We are using this with two first grade classes. It fits great into character education and just learning the important basics of etiquette! I love the music, especially 'Help 'Em Out' is a big hit with any faculty that walks by as we are rehearsing!"

---Marisa Kowalski, Teacher (1st grade), John Lewis Childs School, Floral Park, NY

"The children loved dancing and singing along. Fun way to teach an important subject that even some adults have a hard time with. I have seen confidence rise, reading ability improve and an overall 'this class is FUN, because we have fun while we learn' attitude."

---Rebekah Mickelson, Drama Club Teacher (Kindergarten-3rd grade), Altair Drama Club (after school program) Eagle, AZ

"I just did the Good Manners yesterday. It was such a success. Everyone laughed throughout the play. The children loved all the music. It was a huge success. Thank you for making my job look easier. I received several compliments, and I wanted to make sure that I am grateful to you."

---Kim Donovan, Teacher, Marble Valley School, El Dorado Hills, CA

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