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Name That Internal Organ:
The Bad Wolf Guide to the Human Body

Teacher Reviews

This is one of our student's favorite plays so far. The content is fun and easy to remember. The students made felt-organs to wear with their skeleton costumes. It worked really well. There is always a lot of humor in the Bad Wolf plays, so parents really enjoy coming to the performances.

---Kingwood Montessori

"It was a raving success. Kids still sing the songs to us and wear the T-shirts. We know they learned a lot---we certainly did! I think your lyrics border on genius. They are cute and clever enough to be easy to remember, yet are actually quite in-depth in their coverage of the topics. No one will ever forget what a hormone does. Thanks for filling a vital role in education."

---Carolyn Lawrence, Teacher (4th/5th/6th grades), Charles Hoffman Elementary, Running Springs, CA

"Our 5th grade performed Name That Internal Organ on Thursday, and it was soooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun! What a terrific learning experience for all involved! Everyone loved loved loved the show - especially our principal, who was loudly cracking up the entire show.....the songs, humor, lines, it was all just perfect! I am now a Bad Wolf devotee!!!!"

---Annie Mergott, Show Director (5th grade), Thomas B. Conley School, Asbury, NJ

"It's freakin' hilarious. My favorite of the ten plays of yours that I've done. A resounding success!"

---Steven Oberlander, Teacher (5th grade), Neal Dow Elementary, Chico, CA

"What a blast! We developed three Raging Hormone parts and an Eyeball as extras. They learned a ton and enjoyed all of the jokes and music. We also added a spleen---Go Spleen!!"

---Catina Haugen, Teacher (6th grade), Grant Elementary, Petaluma, CA

"I just put on Name That Internal Organ with my third graders, and it was a huge hit! My principal said it was the best elementary play he's seen, and the kids and parents were happy too! This was my very first solo production... I'm happy to report that even I could pull it off. Thanks again!"

---Becky Baker, Teacher (3rd grade), Ferry Elementary, Grand Haven, MI

"Two classes have sung their way through the 5th grade state standardized science test. Plus the audience laughed all the way though it!"

---Kim Yeager, Teacher (4th and 5th grades), California Montessori Project, Shingle Springs, CA

---Marisol, 5th Grade Teacher

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