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Life’s Lessons
Children's Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Marla Lewis and Ken Jones

This song is available on Marla Lewis' Life's Lessons.

A voice in a vision said,
“Here’s why we’re livin:
We’re learning life’s lessons
As well as can be.

“Truth’s all around you,
Within and without you,
All woven together:
A grand tapestry!

“You have inner voices,
To help you make choices,
And teach you life’s lessons
If you wish to hear.

“When all seems confusion:
What’s real? What’s illusion?
We’re learning life’s lessons.
It’s all meant to be.

“If you look and listen
To folly and wisdom,
And let go resistance,
Then you’ll know the difference
Between love and longing,
Between dark and dawning.
You’ll know what’s important!
Your lessons will be revealed to you.
Your lessons will surely heal you.

“Look deep inside you
Your gifts there will guide you
Just pay close attention
To all that you see

“Nurture your children
With faith, love and vision
They’ll learn their life lessons
As well as can be.”



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Many thanks to Marla Lewis and Ken Jones for permission to display these lyrics.
© Marla Lewis and Ken Jones. All rights reserved. Used with permission.



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