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Colors Of Our Clothes (Bilingual)
Bilingual Songs: Spanish & English
David Burba & Lisa Campbell

This song is available on "ABC's & Much More Bilingual Version." 



El mundo es un arco de colores.

Nombremos los colores de tu ropa!
The world is a rainbow of colors.
Let's say our colors from head to toe.
Let's say our colors from head to toe.
Chorus Movements
Use arms to make a large overhead arch
like a rainbow from left to right.
Pull at shirt and pants.
Repeat arch movement.
Tap head, bend down and tap toes.
Tap head, bend down and tap toes.

I can nod my head in my black hat.
negro - black.
I can wiggle in my pink pajamas.
rosado - pink
I can spin around in my orange dress.
anaranjado - orange
I can sit right down in my purple shorts.
morado - purple
I can stomp my feet in my red boots.
rojo - red

Pretend to put hat on head and nod head
while singing words.
Wiggle body while singing words

Turn around in circle while singing words.

Sit down while singing words.

Stand up and stomp feet while singing

Repeat Chorus Repeat Chorus Movements
I can march in place in my brown shoes.
café - brown
I can pull up high my white socks,
blanco - white
I can wobble my legs in my blue pants.
azul - blue
I can swing my arms in my yellow shirt.
amarillo - yellow
I can shake my arms in my green jacket.
verde - green
March in place while singing words.

Pretend to pull up both socks while singing
the words.
Wiggle right leg, then left leg while singing
Make big circles to the side with arms while
singing words.
Shake right arm, then shake left arm while
singing words.
Repeat Chorus Repeat Chorus Movements


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Many thanks to Music, Movement & Magination for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© Music Movement & Magination. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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