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Alphabet Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Dr. Jean

Dr. Jean Feldman performs this song on Sing to Learn with Dr. Jean.

A for apple a-a-a.                          
B for bounce B-B-B.                     
C for cut c-c-c.                              
D for dig d-d-d.                             
E  elbow          
F  fan       
G  gallop          
H  hop     
I  itch        
J  jump             
K  kick             
L  love              
M  munch         
N  nod      
O  opera          
Q  quiet            
R.   run             
S  sew              
T  talk               
U  upside          
V  volley           
W  wiggle         
X  x-ray    
Y  yawn    
Z  zigzag    

Letter sounds are all you need.
Put them together and you can read!


Pretend to eat an apple.)
(Bounce a ball.)
(Cut with index and middle finger.)
(Pretend to dig.)
(Point to elbow.)
(Fan self with hand.)
(Gallop in place.)
(Hop on one foot.)
(Scratch self.)
(Jump on two feet.)
(Little kicks with foot.)
(Hug self.)
(Move mouth as if eating.)
(Nod head.)
(Extend arms and sing dramatically.)
(Index finger on lips.)
(Run in place.)
(Pretend to hold a needle and sew.)
(Open and close fingers like a mouth.)
(Lean over.)
(Pretend to volley a ball.)
(Wiggle all over.)
(Make "x" with arms.)
(Make an imaginary "z" in the air.)

(Hold palms together like a book.)


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Many thanks to Dr Jean Feldman for permission to display these lyrics.
© Dr Jean Feldman. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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