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Cosmic Stew
Environmental Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Stan Slaughter

This song is available on Stan Slaughter's
Rot ‘N’ Roll

We're all just a part of this Cosmic Stew,
What once was part of me could now be part of you.
All the parts are used, its just the plan that's new.
Aren't you glad you're part of this Cosmic Stew?

Lotsa' people shoutin' that they're number one,
Got the same old atoms as distant suns.
They'd be a little humble, if they just knew,
That they're all just part of this Cosmic Stew.

Cosmic Stew's got cosmic rules,
They enforce themselves on all of us fools.
When we change the face of life, we leave a scar,
when we break the rules, we don't go far.

We're just like children on this little blue ball,
We think that we're the heart of it all,
But long before us and long after we're gone,
it keeps on rollin' along, just keeps on rollin' along.

I like my Cosmic Stew pure and straight,
Don't want no pollution, no chemical taste
So keep that adulterated food 'way from here,
Keep me free from poison, free from fear.

When I die I don't want no vault,
To put my atoms to a screachin' halt,
Wanna be part of somethin' live and new
And keep on cookin' that Cosmic Stew!



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Many thanks to Stan Slaughter for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© Tall Oak Production. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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