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Environmental Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Stan Slaughter

This song is available on Stan Slaughter's
Rot ‘N’ Roll

EarthWorm! EarthWorm!
You’re the king of the soil. You leave nothin’ unturned.
You’re an unlikely teacher, but there’s some lessons we should learn.
From our soil-buildin’, earth-tillin’ friend, the EarthWorm.

You keep on churnin’ night and day.
You eat your whole weight they say. (everyday)
You make the soil so mellow, Girl, you’re quite a fellow.
You leave your own secret sauce. Underground, you are the boss.
You’re the overlord of the underworld, Earthworm.

Segments like an insect, Gizzard like a chicken.
Moist like an amphibian, Nose that’s strong and thick and
Lot’s of other strange things, like the way they reproduce.
Mighty helpful creatures, Let’s put ‘em to good use.

You take Mother Nature’s spoils, With that you make great soil.
And when the hard rain falls, it hardly runs off at all.
It goes deep in the ground. Down the holes that are found,
All around where there’s lot’s of our friends, The EarthWorm.

EarthWorm! EarthWorm!
We should be workin’ with you,
Ain’t it time we learned.
It’s been 600 million years, and your’re still here.
Let’s give respect where respect is due to the EarthWorm.

King of the Recycling Crew, Earthworm.
They know just what to do, EarthWorm.




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Many thanks to Stan Slaughter for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© Tall Oak Production. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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