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Mother Earth
Environmental Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Pam Minor

This song is available on Pam Minor's "Go Green"

Let’s love our Mother Earth she’s got to last forever
Mother Earth let’s take good care of her
To bring us joy and mirth
She’s got to last a long long time

Our forests and our farmlands are beautiful to see
To keep them just the way they are it’s up to you and me
Instead of saying “Oh well, that’s the way it goes”
Let’s do our part…and keep our world
Close to our hearts


Let’s not waste our energy it’s obvious to me
And keep our lakes and waterways as clean as they can be
Don’t pollute the air we breathe…let’s clean up our act
Let’s do our part….and keep our world close to our hearts

She can only take care of us if we take good care of Her
She is home to every single person on this planet….
Love our Mother Earth
She’s got to last a long long time

We all need to recycle or guess what we will find
Trash piled to the stratosphere that’s what we’ll leave behind
Instead of making messes…let’s give a tree a hug
And do our part…to keep our world close to our hearts





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Many thanks to Pam Minor for permission to display these lyrics.
© Pam Minor. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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