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Environmental Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Pam Minor

This song is available on Pam Minor's "Go Green"

Recycle reuse if we don’t we lose
This throwaway society had better take a look and see
The ins and outs and don’ts and dos of
Recycle reduce reuse
Recycle reduce reuse

Cardboard paper cans and glass
And plastic containers pile up fast
Have your family use those recycle bins
So you’ve made a difference and everybody wins

Conserve that energy turn off those lights
Run dish and clothes washers full that’s right
Thermostats go down in winter up with summer’s heat
Save trips in your car and we will get this beat

Don’t brown bag it take a lunch box
Or else we’re gonna get it from the school of hard knocks
Let’s bring green tote bags to the grocery store
Dry your hands and dishes-HERE!- that’s what cloth is for

Let’s not waste what is not ours
The trees the water energy for power
We only borrow this world let’s make it last
To future generations it must be safely passed


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Many thanks to Pam Minor for permission to display these lyrics.
© Pam Minor. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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