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Salmon Circle
Fish Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Fraser Lang

This song is available on Stan Slaughter's In Tune with All Species

The salmon circle from the sea to the sea
Up the rivers of life endlessly
And they always return to the place they began
For a million years they swam and swam and swam
They swam and swam and swam

Round the rocks in the pool in the river below
They are turning and turning oh so slow
Salmon been here forever in this sacred dance
Round and round they go, its a water romance


From the long slow rythm of a four year cycle
to the pounding beat of the oceans that are like
a drum that sounds clear across the globe and
it's calling the children, calling them home

Redbacks swimming in the stream
Humpbacks dancing in a dream
Nose to tail they circle round and round
Go back to the spawning grounds


By the taste of the waters they return to the source
Lay down their eggs and feel the life force
Resting safe in the gravel, pass the winter thru
The big fish are dying,but in the spring life renews



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Many thanks to Stan Slaughter for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© Tall Oak Production. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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