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Makin' Tracks

the Western United States and their Capitals
Joe Crone

This song is available on Joe Crone's Geometry Park.

I’m gonna drive to California,
And see a Sacramento movie star.
Then off to Oregon, the Beaver State,
And Salem, I can hardly wait.

I cruise to Washington and try,
Olympia’s famous apple pie.
Then off to Alaska goin’ way up there.
To Juneau with my long underwear.

Now I’m drivin’ in Hawaii and my tires are hot,
‘Cuz Honolulu is a volcanic spot.
My rims ride low when I travel through
The Western States and their capitals too.

The volume's turned up on the radio,
Got my foot on the gas and I’m ready to go.
My tires makin’ tracks on the interstate,
Driving though the Western half of the U.S.A!

My car got scratched in Montana where
In Helena I met up with a grizzly bear.
And I got hungry in Idaho,
So I stopped in Boise for a potato.

I’m driving in Nevada in the hot, hot sand,
Carson City’s where I try my best poker hand.
When I’m going to Wyoming, there’s a tent in the back,
In Cheyenne, I go camping with a pack on my back.

In the beehive state of Utah,
Salt Lake City is what I saw.
My rims ride low when I travel through
The Western States and their capitals too.


I got my skis for the trip to Colorado.
Denver, the slopes, and the cold white snow.
I got my camera in Arizona, taking some pics,
Of the Grand Canyon and Phoenix.

My sunroof’s down in New Mexico.
Santa Fe’s where I’m gonna go.
In Oklahoma, I was driving too fast,
And by Oklahoma City I was out of gas.

I drove to Austin to change my oil.
Texas pumps crude right out of the soil.
My rims ride low when I travel through
The Western states and their capitals too.



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Many thanks to Joe Crone for permission to display these lyrics.
© Joe Crone. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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