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Mind Your Manners
Etiquette Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Amy Sadanaga

This song is available on Amy Sadanaga's Get Up and Sing!

(Manners for kids)
Don’t forget to mind your manners
Be polite, say “Thank You” please
Don’t forget to blow your nose
And cover your mouth (achoo) when you sneeze!

Don’t forget to flush the toilet
Wash your hands and use a towel
Don’t forget what you’ve been taught and
Use your manners now!

Don’t forget to wear your jacket
Look both ways when you go out
And try not to make a racket
Don’t be pushy and don’t shout!

“That’s not fair! Grown ups need manners too!”

(Manners for grown ups)

Don’t forget to wear a smile
Watch us play and watch us run
We’re only children for a while
Won’t you join us for some fun?

Don’t forget to give us hugs and
Say nice things for what we do.
“Job well done”, and “Thank You” please
Is what we need, don’t you?

Don’t forget to watch us grow
We’re getting bigger everyday
When you give us lots of love we
Grow in every way! “Let’s play!”



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Many thanks to Amy Michelle for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© Amy Michelle. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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