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Is The Name
Quadrilaterals; Covers the Classification of Quadrilaterals
The Trigs

This song is available on The Trigs' [geometric]

I have got a shape / that I don't recognize
So I counted and I learned / that it has four sides
            And a four sided shape / is a quadrilateral
            So I guess there is one thing / that I know

Next I think I'll look / for any parallel sides
If it has only one pair / then it is a trapezoid
            Of course if there aren't any / then all that I can say
            Is that quadrilateral / is the name of my shape

Quadrilaterals are shapes that have four sides
We need to check for parallels in order to classify
It could be a trapezoid or a parallelogram
And then a rectangle, a rhombus, or a square even

I can see that in my shape / two pairs of sides are parallel
Which means the shape I'm dealing with / is a parallelogram
            So now I'll look to see / if the angles are all the same
            Or maybe all the sides / have the same measurement

If the angles are the same / then they must all be ninety
Which means that my shape / is a rectangle you see
            And if all of the sides / are the exact same length
            Then a rhombus is the name / for my very special shape

But in my shape the angles are / all ninety degrees
And all of the sides / have the exact same length
In that situation / we have a special name
As it turns out square is the name / of my shape


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Many thanks to The Trigs for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© The Trigs. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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