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Math Song for Teaching Logic
Covering Conditional Statements, Inductive Reasoning,
Inverse, Converse & Contrapositive

This song is available on Triangle Head by The Trigs.

I am a math teacher, I am a banana, 
One of these statements is true and the other is a lie
I don't have yellow skin, and I'm not a good source of vitamins
So my inductive reasoning says that I'm not a banana
So if I'm not a banana, then I must be a math teacher

The first part's my hypothesis and the second's my conclusion
My statement was conditional, my if implied my then
If I want the converse, then I will flip both of them

An if then's a conditional if you flip them then it's converse
Hopefully if you are confused it'll get better and not get worse
The inverse is negation, if not this, well then not that
And the contrapositive just combines the rest of them
If not that, well then not this

If I'm not a banana, then I must be a math teacher
If I negate both of these, then that is my inverse
So if I am a banana, then I must not be a math teacher
Which makes perfect sense if you think of it:

A banana for a teacher would be really freaky
The last one's contrapositive, it's where you flip and you negate
It's like the combination of the previous two statements
It's the inverse of the converse

If I'm not a math teacher, then I must be a banana
I guess it's not true, but whatcha' gonna do?
It's just the contrapositive

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Many thanks to The Trigs for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© The Trigs. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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