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Pilgrims and Native Americans Theme Unit
Song suggestions for a classroom theme unit.

The songs on this page are compiled from a variety of different artists and albums. We have grouped them together to help you narrow your search.

Lyric Pages
First Americans, and So Proud– Learning by Song
The First Thanksgiving– Learning by Song
Let's Have a Dinner... Thanksgiving Andrew Germain
The Original 13 Colonies Song– Tim Pacific
Pilgrim Children M. Ryan Taylor's Thanksgiving Songs
The Pilgrims Sailed Far Across the Sea– Sam Jones
Squanto– Kathleen Wiley

The American Dream- Kathleen Wiley
Thanksgiving– Rachel Rambach
Thanksgiving!– M. Ryan Taylor
Learning American History by Song – Barbara Speicher


Musical Plays

13 Colonies– Ron Fink & John Heath

See more songs for Theme Units.

More related songs for kids can be found on Social Studies, Biographical, Native American and Thanksgiving category pages.



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