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I Can Talk It Out
Teaching Children to Talk About Their Feelings
Todd Werner

This song is available on Todd Werner's Songs to Get Along.

Sometimes things just don’t turn out right
But some foolish people want to fuss and fight
But I for one can find a better way
I know you can, let me hear you say

I can talk it out I can listen too
I can take a deep breath and count to 92
I can change the way I talk inside my head (That’s What I Said!)
And sometimes I have to walk away instead

You know there are people I have found
Who like to be mean just to bring you down
I know I never want to be that way
So when I’m mad you can hear me say


Don’t you know there’s nothin’ wrong with being mad
Maybe your feeling scared, hurt or sad
There’s so many ways to let it go
Come on and talk about it, Let it flow



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Many thanks to Todd Werner for permission to display these lyrics.
© Songs for the Soul Records. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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