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I'm Travelin'
James Coffey

This song is available on James Coffey's Lots & Lots of Trucks.

I was sittin' at home one summer night
When I started to feel strange
A little voice inside of me said 'brother
You need a change!
As I looked around I could see these
Walls were closin' in
I stood right up and said to myself it's
Time to go travelin'!

I'm travelin'...I’m travelin'
I can get there in my car or an aeroplane
A bus or a boat or a railway train
I'm travelin'...I’m travelin'
I'll send you a postcard from
Where I’ve been
Because I’m not home I’m travelin'

I'll Hop A Plane And Take A Flight
Into The Great Beyond
I'll Fly Right Over The Himalayas
Or Maybe The Amazon
I'm Content To Ride The Rails
Or Sail On The Wind
When Strangers Ask Where I'm Headed,
I Say I'm Just Travelin'!


A bus or a plane or a railroad train
It's hard to decide
In the air or the thoroughfare
Or up a mountainside
I'll ride the rails over hill and dale
To where the tracks may end
The next town is my destination
And it's just around the bend



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Many thanks to James Coffey for permission to display these lyrics.
© James Coffey. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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