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Alphabet Song for the Letter "A"
Greg Whitfield

This song is available on AlphaSongs.

This song introduces your child to Adam Abernathy, who confuses the short and long A sounds. He turns everyday words into funny nonsense words by reversing these two sounds.

Once introduced, this concept of reversing long and short vowel sounds becomes an entertaining language game for kids. Find words in your environment (in books, on billboards, TV, etc.) and search for the letter A. Discuss the sound it makes, then try reversing it. In my classroom we interchange the long and short A sounds in words, classmates' names, and even celebrate Adam Abernathy Day by trying to talk like Adam all day long.

Use this same approach to play with other vowel sounds. This will result in a lot of gigglesand a heightened awareness of these letters and the sounds they make.

Adam Abernathy knew
The alphabet by heart
And his favorite letter, A, came at the first
He knew the sounds it made,
/a/ /a/ /a/ and /ay/ /ay/ /ay/
But he always seemed to get the sounds reversed.

If a word he saw had an A in it
He'd know it right away
But he always seemed to switch the sounds around.
He'd say /ay/ instead of /a/
And he's say /a/ instead of /ay/
It really was a most confusing sound.

He ate ay-ples and bay-nay-nays
And he called his father Dade
He laughed when he was hay-py
And he cried when he was sade.
On his head he wore a bassball cape
If he got tired he'd tack a nape
Old Adam Abernathy and his backward letter A.

Then one day Adam's teacher
Brought a mirror into class
And she taught the students how the mirror worked
He discovered the reflection
That he saw behind the glass
Showed whatever he was looking at reversed.

Adam stared into the mirror
And began to realize
This could help him with his backward letter A
So he tried the word 'banana'
And it came out sounding right
And so did every other word he tried to say.

And now Adam Abernathy
He can call his father Dad
He laughs when he is happy
And he's rarely ever sad
On his head he wears a baseball cap
If he gets tired he takes a nap
Old Adam Abernathy knows the sounds of letter A



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Many thanks to Greg Whitfield for permission to publish his lyrics and lesson suggestions from AlphaSongs, a collection of 26 original songs, one for each letter in the alphabet.

Copyright © 1996 Greg Whitfield.  All rights reserved.

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