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This is my 3rd year of having my class perform one of your musicals. This year we are getting ready to do “Grammarosaurus.” Wow! The kids love, love, love the music (great instrumentation) and are begging me to sign them up for parts. This is after just 3 times of listening to the CD and they already have some of the songs memorized. Thank you for your wonderful contribution to children and making learning fun.

---Ruth Kenney, 2nd grade teacher, Terrace Park School, Mountlake Terrace, WA

"It was a great success -- fun and exciting. Your plays make is fun to learn about grammar. The plays are flexible enough to allow ALL students to have a speaking part and to shine. The parts are easy to learn and fun. Students were singing the songs all day long. Even the shyest students came out. Our classess did very well on the end of your tests and I contribute part of it to your fun learning process. I look forward to doing more each year."

---Katherine Hawkins, NBCT Teacher (2nd grade), Brushy Creek Elementary, Taylors, SC

"My students learned the songs quickly and enjoyed singing them. They learned key English Language Arts facts that reinforced the skills they have been learning in the classroom. The plays are clever and teacher friendly. In a time when standards are stressed, you can feel good about taking time out to work on a play because the standards are incorporated. Thank you Bad Wolf Press for making the job of this teacher much easier!"

---Rene Griffiths, Teacher, Bella Vista Elementary, Bella Vista, CA

"It was great!! The kids really loved it. There were both easy parts and more challenging ones for those who were up to it. It was awesome! My favorite part was that it served as a teaching and review tool for basic grammar. The kids had fun and learned something too! "

---Cyndi Aghayan, Teacher (2nd grade), Foothill Elementary, Santa Barbara, CA

"LOVED IT! Covers our writing/grammar standards perfectly. We used each act in the play to teach students a week-long grammar lesson. Kids were thrilled!"

---Kali Camara, Teacher (2nd grade), Monta Loma Elementary, Mountain View, CA



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