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Pirates From Grammar Island
Teacher Reviews

"My third grade class just performed 'Pirates from Grammar Island' to a packed house. It was magic! Even more important than the children having fun, they learned about grammar in a fun manner.I used the play as a means to review before our standardized testing. It was wonderful to hear the children humming as they completed their assessments!"

---Arlee Hall, Teacher (3rd grade) Suburu School, Bakersfield, CA

"Incredible! Every play has been a smashing success, but this one was by far the best yet! Fourteen eight and nine year olds fearlessly belting out songs and owning the stage. Seamless transitions. Wild standing ovations. The class just accepted an invitation to reprise their performance at a community arts festival next month, maybe in front of several hundred people. And they're absolutely confident about it."

---Jay Garret-Larsen, Teacher (3rd grade), The Well School, Peterborough NH

"This year my middle school students performed Pirates from Grammar Island. Through this experience they gained an understanding of grammatical concepts that no worksheets could ever have given them. Your plays have reminded me of the importance of hands on learning."

---Bonnie Hauschka, Teacher (3rd-6th grade) Cantwell School, Cantwell, AK

"Pirates was an instant hit from the first reading of the script--pirates are popular with all age groups. I also found it engaging my students for some otherwise dull language arts topics. After internalizing the songs, they would come up and quote or sing from the script each time they found an example in their reading or language study."

---Debbie Lindemann, Teacher (3rd grade), Rancho School, Livermore, CA

"The grammar songs really hit the mark in terms of teaching students important skills. The combination of humor and concepts really reaches the students. We LOVE the plays!"

---Wendy Ulrich, Teacher (4th grade), Joe K. Bryant Elementary, Anna, TX

"They loved it and so did the parents. It's been over a month since our last performance and they are still singing the songs...which means they remember the grammar rules! Sucn a plus!"

---Bev Knox, Teacher (4th grade), Ryan Park School, Angola, IN

"I loved it. The kids really liked the songs. It was just the right length and everyone was able to have a small part. I would recommend this play to any upper elementary group."

---Lisa Mannering, Teacher (7th grade remediation English), Pioneer Jr/Sr. High School, Royal Center, IN

"The humor was very appropriate for this age. It made it easy to learn lines and the songs were catchy, allowing students to really remember them easily and apply them to lassons as well."

---Joanna Simmons, Teacher (3rd grade), Gallup Hill School, Ledyard, CT

"This is my 7th year directing a show. It has become a highlight of 2nd grade and a wonderful memory for the students. Each year older students begin to ask me what show we are doing, and when...My students perform each number with gusto. When they are having so much fun, and learning too, how can it fail?"

---Helena Signore, Teacher (2nd grade), Holy Trinity School, Comstock Park, MI

"My third graders are doing Pirates from Grammar Island this year, and they could not be more delighted, as are their classroom teachers. I actually had one parent say to me, 'Well, if that's the way I'd learned grammar, I'd still remember it!' Our faculty and our students are big Bad Wolf fans! "

---Lisa Feazell, Teacher (Music), Deer Creek Elementary, Cedar Park, TX



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