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Vacation On Mars
Teacher Reviews

"The play was a highlight of our year. The children learned and will remember so much about space. The songs made the facts stick. The parents got to see their child shine. It's easy for teachers, even those who are inexperienced in putting on a musical."

---Helen Brekke, Teacher (K-3rd), St. Andrew Lutheran School, Denver, CO

"I loved the music---there were so many different styles. I was amazed at the facts that were taught with this play. I had many parents say they were impressed with the knowledge base the play covered. You do an amazing job!"

---Ann Burk, Teacher (1st grade), Montana City School, Montana City, MT

"The kids play the CD every morning when they arrive in the classroom. I thought they might lose interest after their performances but they can't get enough. We had so much and learned science concepts included in our curriculum. Friends and relatives highly praised the performance."

---Sheryl Farnum, Teacher (4th grade), Cascade Brook School, Farmington, ME

"I loved it, the parents loved it, my principal loved it, and the children learned so much from it! They learned both about the solar system and about preparing for and performing a play"

---Jean Gentry, Teacher (2nd), Westergard School, Reno, NV

"There was nothing to not like about it! The music was entertaining while being educational and the underlying humor throughout the play was great. We got rave reviews and the compliments were non-stop. Thank you for making my job of putting on a play so easy!"

---Kerry Santantonio, Teacher (3rd), John Lewis Childs School, Floral Park, NY

"Parents couldn't believe their children would get up, sing, memorize and act. The students enjoyed every aspect of the play, and it sparked further interest and knowledge of the solar system. It was a great student lesson in cooperation and creativity."

---Lynn Page, Teacher (3rd), Christ Prince of Peace School, St Louis, MO

"It was fantastic! This was the fourth Bad Wolf Press musical we have performed in four years. All were good but this one was the best. (Every year someone asks me, 'Where did you get that great musical?)"

---Brandi Couse, Teacher (Music) Westside Elementary, Clewiston, FL

"Very upbeat and fun for the kids! They enjoyed the songs and the silly humor. The students learned so many facts about the solar system and had a great time performing it!"

---Sherry Mancino, Teacher (3rd), Ocean Palms Elementary, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

"Vaction on Mars is my all time favorite---so far!"

---Georgia Rhodes, Teacher (2nd/3rd), Sedgwick School, Blue Hill, ME



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