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Campfire Songs

Traditional and Silly Songs for Camp Fire Fun


These campfire song lyrics are available from a variety of albums.
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Traditional Secular Campfire Songs
     Boom Boom, Ain't It Great to Be Crazy?– Traditional Folk Song
     Che Che Kooley– Traditional/Colleen & Uncle Squaty
     Come and Go With Me– Traditional Song
     Down by the Riverside– Traditional Folk Song
     Flea Fly– Ellen Allard
     Going On A Bear Hunt– Traditional Chant
     Going On A Lion Hunt– Kiboomu Kids Songs
     The Green Grass Grew All Around– Traditional
     Hello, My Name is Joe – Peter & Ellen Allard
     I Love the Mountains – Campfire Song Lyrics
     John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt– Traditional
     Kumbayah– Traditional African-American Song
     Little Cabin in the Woods– Traditional
     The Little Green Frog– Jim Rule
     The Love Round– Traditional Campfire Song
     The More We Get Together - Traditional/Jim Rule
     The More We Get Together - Traditional/Marla Lewis
     My 25 Favorite Campfire Songs - Denise Gagne Williamson
     25 More of My Favorite Campfire Songs - Denise Gagne Williamson
     The Paw Paw Patch– Traditional
     Popcorn Chant– Ellen Allard
     The Riddle Song– Traditional
     'Round the Campfire– Kathy Byers
     Three Short-Necked Buzzards– Traditional/Colleen and Uncle Squaty
     Sing-A-Ling with Friends– Dan Crow
     Summer Camp - Kid's eBook– Mary Flynn
     We Circle Around– Traditional Arapaho Native American Song
     We Shall Not Be Moved– Traditional
     We've Got the Whole World in Our Hands

Campfire Songs for Bible Camp
     Build the Church – Jean and J. W. Snyder
     Children of the Lord (Rise and Shine)– Traditional
     Ezekiel Saw a Wheel– Traditional
     Father Abraham– Traditional
     God's Love is Inside Me– Jean and J. W. Snyder
     He Has Come to Save Us All– Jean and J. W. Snyder
     Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho– Traditional
     That's in the Hands of God– Jean and J. W. Snyder
     Wade in the Water- Traditional Follk Song
     Who Did Swallow Jonah? - Piano Solo/Sheet Music
     Who Took The Cookie?- Kiboomu
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