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God's Love is Inside Me
Praise Song for Children
Blue Chair World - Jean and J. W. Snyder

This song is available on Blue Chair World's In the Hands of God.

God’s love is bigger than the mountains,

higher than the stars and wider than the ocean.

God’s love is taller than my Dad,

and God’s love is inside me.


Song Instructions:
    Scripture: Psalm 136
Mainly hands, arms, and upper body (best if standing)
    Ages: 3s and up
        Bigger than the mountainspointed hands over head touch like mountain peaks
        Higher than the stars- pointing up
        Wider than the oceans- hands stretched wide wide
        Taller than…. Flat hand measuring head height and then looking up with hands in
           “I don’t know expression”
        Inside me- Point to self
    Memorization: Very easy with motions (Suggestion: tie in descriptive words bigger,
        higher, wider, taller) Make “key word” show cards to use during the song
    Usage: Sunday school
        Chapel reflection
        Musical sermon
        Special concert
    Variation: change lyric “taller than my Dad/Mom/Pawpaw/Mamaw,etc.”
        variate- the speed: the better they know it, the faster it goes.

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Many thanks to Jean and J.W. Snyder for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© Jean and J.W. Snyder - Blue Chair World. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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