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Songs for Teaching about Summer
Summer Songs

Summer Season Songs

Boogie Board Boogie– Andy Z
Bumblebee– Linda Brown/Dr. Thomas Moore
Bug Ramble– Liz Buchanan
Fireflies– Bobby Susser
Frogs Around The Pond– Barb Tilsen
Happy Beach– The Springmans
Hot Day– Listen and Learn
In The Summertime– Bobby Susser
It's Summertime– Joanie Calem
It's Too Hot For Spring– Bobby Susser
July– Listen and Learn
Mr. Sun Medely– Kathleen Rushing
Oh, Mr. Sun– Traditional Song
Puffin's Summer Picnic– Marla Lewis
The Sea, The Beach and Summer Stuff– Geof Johnson
School's Out!– Marla Lewis & Barbara Silberg
The Sea Life Shuffle– "Mar." Harman
Share the Sun– The Dilly Dallies
Some Summer – Grin Brigade
Stay in the Pool – Jason Didner
Swimming– Dr. Jean
Summer Break (Let's Shake!)– Listen and Learn
Summer Slumber Party– Hap Palmer
SummerSong– Goatwhiskers
Summer School Song– Andy Glockenspiel
Summer Sunday– Keystone Creations
Thank You Mr. Sun– Bobby Susser
Summertime– Jack Hartmann
Summertime– Rachel Sumner 
Summertime - Wintertime– Colleen and Uncle Squaty;
Sunny Days– Battersby Duo
Sunshine in my Pocket– Auntie Kayte
Take Me Out to the Ball Game– Dr. Jean
Tim Turtle, No One's Happier Than He– Dianne Baker

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