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Summer Break - Summer Vacation Songs

summer break songs

Enjoy the time off school with these fun tunes, perfect for the long car ride, camping, or whever your summer brings you! Who knows, your kids might learn something without even knowing it!

These songs are available from a variety of albums. 

Songs about Summer

Bug Ramble – Liz Buchanan
Get Outdoors – Jeff & Paige
In The Summertime – Bobby Susser
It's Summertime – Joanie Calem
Puffin's Summer Picnic – Marla Lewis
Some Summer – Grin Brigade
Summer Break (Let's Shake) – Rachel Rambach
Summer Days – Jack Hartmann
Summer Fun – Judy Caplin Ginsburgh
The Summer Slumber Party – Hap Palmer
Summer Song – Goatwhiskers
Summer Sunday – Keystone Creations
Summertime – Jack Hartmann
Summertime – Rachel Sumner
Summer Time Winter Time – Colleen and Uncle Squaty
The Twelve Days of Summer – PC Treasures

Songs about Going on Vacation:

Are We There Yet? –Judy Pancoast
Don't Want To Go Home Blues –Liz Buchanan
Going on an Adventure –Two of a Kind
Go, Go, Go –Pam Rupprecht & Pam Minor
Here to There –Andy Z
I'm Travelin' –James Coffey
Let's Go For A Ride –Sheri & Jerry Tallon
Let's Take a Trip –Jeanne Nelson & Hector Marín
Packing –Donna & Andy
Places Close and Far –Music, Movement & Magination
Sunny Days –The Battersby Duo
Vacation Song –Donna & Andy

Songs about a Car Ride:

Daddy's Car –Sammie Haynes
Drivin' Down The Highway –Hap Palmer
Driving In My Car –Ellen Allard
The Driving Song –Kathy Byers
Going On A Car Ride –Kathy Byers
Mama Took Us For A Ride –Intelli-Tunes
Nothing Else –Music with Mar.
Ride In The Car –Jim Rule
Toot Toot –Jeanne Nelson & Hector Marín

Songs about Flying:

Airplane –Jason Anderson
Flying in a Balloon –Two of a Kind
Flying in an Airplane –Wayne Potash
Hot Air Balloon –Intelli-Tunes
My Airplane –Intelli-Tunes
My Flying Car –Grin Brigade

Songs about a Train Ride:

Aboard A Train – James Coffey
Come Ride Along With Me – James Coffey
Little Red Train – Pam Donkin
Nine Hundred Miles – James Coffey
Riding on a Train – Eric Ode
Teddy Took A Train Ride –Hap Palmer
The Train Song –Sammie Haynes
What Do You Hear? –James Coffey
Window of the Train –Jason Didner

Songs about Going Camping:

Allons à la campagne –Language Leaders
The Camping Song –Andy Z
Camping Tonight –Sammie Haynes
Going On A Bear Hunt –Tickle Tune Typhoon
Hiking Song –Howard Riva
I Love the Mountains –Kathy Byers
My 25 Favorite Campfire Songs –Denise Gagné Williamson
25 More Campfire Songs –Denise Gagné Williamson
Packin' For My Hike –Mary Miché
Sleep in a Tent –Wayne Potash
Vamos al campo –Language Leaders
Walkin' Wadin' & Wanderin' –Foster Brown
We're Going On A Lion Hunt – Kiboomu Kids Songs

Songs about Going to the Beach:

Beach Ball Baby –Katherine Dines
Beaches –Kathy Byers
Beach Walk –Intelli-Tunes
Can't Go Surfin' –Judy Pancoast
Catch the Wave –Geof Johnson
Dancing in the Sand –Geof Johnson
Down to the Beach –The Uncle Brothers
Everyone Goes to the Beach –Music with Mar.
Goin' to the Beach – Rachel Sumner
Happy Beach –The Springmans
Hot Sand –Geof Johnson
I Love The Beach –Geof Johnson
In The Sand –The Battersby Duo
Keep the Ocean Clean –Birdsong and the Eco-Wonders
The Sea Life Shuffle –Music with Mar.
Swimming at the Bottom of the Ocean –Geof Johnson
Swimming with Dolphins –Grin Brigade
Summer Sunday – Keystone Creations
Surfin' Maniac – Grin Brigade
To the Beach –Jeanne Nelson & Hector Marín
Vamos a la Playa –Language Leaders
¡Vaya! ¡Vaya! Voy a la Playa –Elise Sumner

Songs about Swimming:

Going to the Pool –The Battersby Duo
Stay in the Pool –Jason Didner
Swimming –Dr. Jean
Swimming In The Pool –Geof Johnson
Swimming in the Swimming Pool –Karl Williams

Songs about Riding a Bike:

Bicycle Song –Gemini
Bike Ride –Intelli-Tunes
I Put My Helmet On –Music with Mar.
Learn To Ride A Bike –The Battersby Duo
My Bicycle –Intelli-Tunes
Ride On My Bike –Anna Moo
Ride My Bike –Debbie Clement
Ride My Bike –Geof Johnson
Riding My Bike –Rachel Rambach
Share the Road –Jeff & Paige

Songs about Playing in the Park:

A New Playground – Two of a Kind
Climb a Tree –Geof Johnson
Do You See Me Sliding Down? –Cherry Carl
Do You Want to Play in my Playground? –Cherry Carl
I Am Going To The Park Today –PC Treasures
In My Playground –Greg & Steve
Jungle Gym Jamming – Jason Didner
Kid Pop – Judy Pancoast
Playground –Dan Crow
Playground –Jack Grunsky
Playgrounds –Music with Mar.
Swinging –Margot Bevington
Walk Outside –Dan Crow
We're Going On A Picnic –Sammie Haynes

Songs about going to the Library:

At The Library –Hap Palmer
Crack a Book – Mrs. Kate
Dig Into Reading – Steve Blunt
Every Hero Has A Story – Steve Blunt
Everything Is Free At The Library – Two of A Kind
Going To The Libary –Debbie Clement
Hanging Out With Heroes At The Library –Two of a Kind
I Like To Go The Library –Ellen Allard
The Library –Sammie Haynes
Library Adventure –Reading Dog Band
Library Song –Two of a Kind
Read A Book –Two of a Kind
Super Reading Man –Steve Blunt

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