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Dig Into Reading
Library Song for Summer Reading Programs
Steve Blunt

When I was a young boy I was told,
That if you go to the library you might strike gold,
'Cuz pickin' out a few good books for your pleasure
Is just like diggin' up buried treasure.
Let's dig, dig, dig into reading! (2x)

Now, you might dig a book about dinosaur bones,
Fossils, minerals, gems and stones.
Let's dig...etc.

Or you might dig a book about archaeology,
With pyramids, mummies & hieroglyphs to read.
Let's dig...etc.

Gotta do a little excavation
To fill up your imagination!
Let's dig...etc.

Well, you might dig a book about bugs and worms,
With lots of underground creatures that wiggle and squirm!
Let's dig...etc.

Or you might dig a book about bulldozers and trucks,
With steamrollers, backhoes—heavy, heavy stuff.
Let's dig...etc.

Gotta do a little excavation
To build a good foundation for your imagination!
Let's dig...etc.

You can dig for the truth or dig up trouble,
'Cuz some kinds o' diggin' don't even need a shovel.
So dig that beat and come with me,
Let's dig into reading at the library!
Let's dig...etc.
Now, anything you might want to read
Well, baby, you can dig it at the library!
There's a priceless treasure to discover
When you dig down deep between the covers!
Let's dig...etc.


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Many thanks to Steve Blunt for permission to display these lyrics.
© S. Blunt. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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