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Geometry Park

Teaching Angles, Triangles and Polygons
Joe Crone

This song is available on Joe Crone's Geometry Park.

Three boy triangles are sitting on the lawn.
They didn’t know each other, would they get along?
One says, “Hi, Scalene’s my name, I’ve got three sides, but none of the same,
And I hope we can be friends at Geometry Park!” (Geometry Park)

The next triangle says he’s Isosceles.
He’s got two sides the same, not bad –
That’s two out of three.

The last triangle is Equilateral.
“Got three sides the same”, he says rather factual.
“I’ve gotta get my vertices home before it gets dark.

Oooo Feeling good. (Feel Good)
Having fun. (Having fun)
Staying cool. (Stay cool)
And being young. (young)
Hanging with their friends in Geometry Park! (Geometry Park!)

They see three girl angles, oooh, they’re walking into view.
Ya know they’re feeling kind of nervous, they’re not quite sure what to do.
They say, “Hey girls, what’s your angle?
Do you wanna come and hang out with us triangles?
We’ll create our own little world at Geometry Park!” (Geometry Park!)

The first girl angle, hooo, she’s looking pretty square. (Pretty square, yeah yeah, uh-huh)
She’s 90 degrees and right all the time, it isn’t fair. (Isn’t fair, no no, uh-uh)
But the smaller one is looking pretty Acute.
And the bigger one is looking mighty Obtuse.
And they’ve got a couple hours to go before it gets dark. (Before it gets dark)

Clouds on the horizon.
The polygon gang is here.
They are many-sided objects.
The angles quake with fear.

Hexagon has six sides, Pentagon has five.
Quadrilaterals have four sides, these boys are mean and wild.
Octagon has eight sides, Square’s got four the same.
Rectangle has right angles, these boys ain’t playing games!

Lying by a tree, Scalene spots a sphere.
He glances at the basketball court and sees that it’s clear.
He says, “Hey boys, lets go settle this.
A game of hoops can put all this to rest.”
And they start to play B-ball at Geometry Park. (Geometry Park!)

Half way through the game, Isosceles says, “You guys are great!”
Hexagon says, “So are you, but it’s getting kind of late.”
Let’s meet here tomorrow and we can resume our game.
I feel like we are friends.

Shouts of laughter coming from Geometry Park.
Shouts of laughter coming from Geometry Park.
Shouts of laughter coming from Geometry Park.


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Many thanks to Joe Crone for permission to display these lyrics.
© Joe Crone. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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