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Mastering Math: A Sherlock Holmes Problem Solving Mystery

Teacher Reviews

"Bravo! We just received the hot-off-the-press Mastering Math script and CD. It is fabulous – witty, catchy and sure to be a hit with kids and parents alike! In the past three years, my kiddos have put on Aesop’s Fables, The Incredible Westward Movement, America's Tallest Tales, The Weather Show, Jack and the Beanstalk, and Little Red Riding Hood. Parents tell me their kids remember these plays for years and continue to sing the songs. (Our favorite is "Sodbusters"!)

I can’t wait to get started on Mastering Math. My kids will be able to remember and use the problem solving strategies much more easily by putting it to music. I wasn’t sure how you could make a math play and you’ve far exceeded my expectations.

Thank you for the outstanding curriculum-based plays. Their reasonable cost makes it easy to use them in the classroom. The kids and I love them and each year’s group looks forward to finding out which plays we’re going to do. Keep up the great work you do!"

---Lee Ann Jackson, Teacher (4th grade), McAuliffe Elementary, Sammamish, WA

"The students are still taking about the six strategies in problem solving."

---Susan Hoffman, Teacher (6th grade), Jacks Valley Elementary, Carson City, NV (Read the review in Susan's local paper here.)

"Just a quick note to let you know that my sixth grade class and I loved Mastering Math. We performed it for the school on Math Discovery Day, and then again for the parents. It reinforced in a delightful way the problem-solving strategies we've been emphasizing since the primary grades. As the year progressed, there were occasions when we'd be doing a word problem, and students would spontaneously break out in the song from the musical that focused on the particular strategy that they were now finding quite useful. Mastering Math made the problem-solving strategies stick with the kids in a way that nothing had done previously. Thank you!

---Debi Madden, Teacher (6th grade), Sumner/Danbury Elementary, Claremont, CA

"We just finished performing the Mastering Math musical. It was a huge success and a crowd favorite. This is the fifth year I have used your musicals and every year we perform them they are loved by the students and parents. They are already asking what play we will do next! Thanks to your creative talents, so many teachers and students who would have never taken such risks in drama are now stars."

---Christine Olin, Teacher (5th grade) Castaic Elementary, Castaic, CA

"It is hard to find good plays and musicals that are at the right level for primary kids. I strongly recommend this play. It's fun, it engages the kids and it has some great music. We loved it."

---Bruce Ferrington, Teacher, Radford College, Canberra, Australia (read his blog post!)

"They really enjoyed the songs, and they're great to use when we're actually doing problem solving."

---Joanne Olson, 4th Grade Teacher, Park Ridge Elementary, Stafford, VI

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