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The Oceanography Show: Tide Pool Condos

Teacher Reviews



"It was a unique experience that cleverly wove the messages and concepts through word and song. You would have been so proud of our children as they worked with me during recess to develop the unique choreography that added to the splendor of your creation. Children realized it was OK to let their inhibitions go. Many discovered a hidden talent for song, acting and dance. Everyone had so much fun working in the multilevel experience. We all laughed a great deal!"

---Jane Aikens, Teacher (5th-8th grade), St. Maria Goretti School, Schiller Park, IL

"It was fun, easy to learn, educational, and an audience pleaser. The benefits were cooperative learning, communication skills, teamwork, listening, and following directions."

---Anne Hadges, Teacher (3rd-4th grade), Herefard School, Herefard, PA

"The music is catchy, so the kids never forgot the lyrics. They learned key concepts while having fun. I can't wit until the next one! I teach the kids in the gifted program in my system. Some love to be center-stage while others have no desire to perform solo. These plays allow me to give them opportunities to participate at a level at which each chld is comfortable."

---Shelia Cain, Teacher (1st-2nd grade, Gifted and Talented), Petham Elementary, Petham, GA

"We had a performance for the whole school. I've never seen 7th and 8th graders so quiet and enthralled with an assembly! They loved and kept telling us how much they enjoyed it. I have directed many plays, but I must say that your plays are the most fun and the easiest to work with and direct. We can't wait to pick our show for next year!"

---Leah Henry and Kim Turnbull, Teachers (4th grade), Murray Avenue School, Huntingdon Valley, PA

"We did The Oceanography Show for our summer enrichment program with fifty 2nd-5th graders and it was a huge success! All of our students had a wonderful time and learned so much about all the layers of the ocean! I highly recommend this show!"

---Sarah Seibert, Teacher, Santiago School, Santa Ana, CA

"I watched as my son performed The Oceanography Show. It was exciting and thought-provoking! The kids developed a camaraderie. Call me corny, but I was moved by each play my children were in."

---JoAnne Rose, Parent (3rd grade), Worcester, MA

"FABULOUS -- the students loved this!"

---Patricia Bell, Teacher (4th/5th grade), Norma Coombs School, Pasadena, CA.

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