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Pieces of a Quilt

Song For Teaching About Diversity
Lauren Mayer

This song is available on Curriculum Rocks' Second Grade Rocks!

A place where anyone can belong
And our diff'rences make us strong
Ev'rybody I see isn't just like me
And that's diversity
Where you're free to do what you do
and no one criticizes you
Cause this country of ours is built
Like pieces of a quilt.

We are pieces of a quilt of many colors
See, how we blend together in harmony
And each piece is not complete without the others
Stitching a quilt made of you and me

A quilt is made of many squares,
different patterns all joined together,
And no one really cares who made which one,
It's our creation when its done.
In America there's a range
of cultures and customs from different places
Different languages, different faces
To whom we seem equally strange!


Lots of great things we can share
From so many wonderful countries
Like all the food we've learned to recognize
Bagels, egg rolls, spaghetti and french fries!
All the cultures that we're from
Create the melting pot we're made of
So there's nothing to be afraid of
Variety makes things hum!

Like pieces of a quilt made of you and me!


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Many thanks to Lauren Mayer for permission to display these lyrics.
© Lauren Mayer . All rights reserved. Used with permission.


Diversity Song Lyrics

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