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The State I'm In

Teaching The North-Central United States and their Capitals
Joe Crone

This song is available on Joe Crone's Geometry Park.

It’s just the State I’m in,
It's in my mind; it's built in.
The North-Central States and the cities within’.
The State I’m in (what?).
It’s in my mind; (ho!) it's built in.
American capital cities within.

I’m in North Dakota, and what I know,
Sunflowers are what they grow.
They’re so bright; they kept away the dark,
So I can rock you all night in Bismarck.

I’m in South Dakota, ya know the score.
Carved in the rocks is Mount Rushmore.
And I was gonna stop right here,
But that night I had a show in the city called, Pierre.

I’m in Nebraska; I got a shiver.
‘Cause this State has the most miles of river.
I swam all day, and I swam all night,
And that night I’m in Lincoln to rock the mic.


I’m in Kansas state to do a show,
When my tour bus gets hit by a tornado.
It whirled me all around, then it dropped me to the ground,
Facedown in Topeka, is where I was found.

I’m in Minnesota when I awake.
Surrounded by ten thousand lakes.
So I paddled my boat to the concert hall.
And we partied all night in St. Paul.

I’m in Iowa the next day,
Rockin’ all out in the Hawkeye State.
I do a big show and make big coin,
My fans go crazy in the city Des Moines.


I’m in Missouri; I know the scene.
The biggest cash crop is the soybean.
But when I hit the stage in Jefferson City,
The biggest cash crop is gonna be me.

I’m in Wisconsin on a tour date,
And I’m gonna rock this Dairy State.
The stage explodes when I pull the pin,
I hit the mic hard in Madison.

I’m in Illinois when I see
A huge mob of fans chasing after me.
So I ran all around the Prairie State,
Springfield all night I can hardly wait!


I’m in Michigan and my tires squeal.
They make cool rides, cool automobiles.
My music overheats the rockin’ gage.
When I’m in Lansing up on the stage.

I’m in Indiana still driving fast,
I got the needle pinned when I hit the gas.
Indianapolis is where I lap
Five hundred times around the track.

I’m in Ohio, this is where I belong.
It’s where the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame makes its home.
‘Cause I bust all day, I bust around the clock,
And I bust in Columbus where I come to rock.




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Many thanks to Joe Crone for permission to display these lyrics.
© Joe Crone. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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