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Teaching Colors and Shapes to Young Children
Songs for Toddlers, Preschool, and Early Childhood

These songs that teach about colors and shapes are available from a variety of albums:    

Color Songs
      Blending Colors With My Feet– Music with Mar.
      Colors– The Battersby Duo

      Colors– Music with Mar.
      Colors– The Rocking Rockets
      Colors All Around– Jack Hartmann
      Colors All Around– Listen & Learn
      Colors of Our Clothes– Music, Movement & Magination
      The Colors of the Rainbow– David Putano
      Eight Pretty Colors– Ron Brown
      I Know the Colors of the Rainbow– Ella Jenkins
      I Spy Colors– Stephanie Burton
      I Spy Attributes– Ron Brown
      Jenny Jenkins– Two of a Kind
      Jenny Jenkins– Songs For Teaching™
      Little Tree Frog– Andrew Queen
      Magic Colors (Blending Primary Colors)– Music, Movement & Magination
      MMM Color Farm (spelling colors)blank– Music, Movement & Magination
      Primary Colors– Ron Brown
      The Primary and Secondary Colors– School Art Theatre Productions
      Spelling Colors– Music with Mar.
      What Color Is It?– Jeanne Nelson and Hector Marín

      The Tomato– Thomas Moore/Linda Brown
      A Pumpkin Sigh Poem – Linda Brown
      Orange is the Thing– Andrew Queen
      Orange Tiger– Thomas Moore/Linda Brown
      Bumblebee– Thomas Moore/Linda Brown
      The Elf Poem– Linda Brown
      Green is the Scene– Andrew Queen
      Green Toes– Thomas Moore/Linda Brown
      Bluebird– Thomas Moore/Linda Brown
      Crazy Purple Day– Andrew Queen
      Purple Pickle– Thomas Moore/Linda Brown
      Velvet Faces Poem– Linda Brown

      A Little White Bunny– Thomas Moore/Linda Brown
      Whiteness Poem– Linda Brown
      Gingerbread Man Poem – Linda Brown
      Three Brown Bears– Thomas Moore/Linda Brown

      Black Cat– Thomas Moore/Linda Brown
      Hello There! – Thomas Moore/Linda Brown

Shape Songs
      Basic Shapes– School Art Theatre Productions
      Circle– Ron Brown
      The Circle and Square Song– Rita Gold
      Circles Go Round and Round– Jennifer Fixman
      Crazy Polygon Shapes– Music, Movement & Magination
      Drawing in the Air– Music with Mar.
      Flat and Solid Shapes– Miss Jenny
      I Spy Attributes– Ron Brown
      Shape Train– Ron Brown
      Shape Up– Jack Hartmann
      Shapes All Around Us– Music, Movement & Magination
      Space Shapes– Music, Movement & Magination
      Solid Shapes– Miss Jenny
      Trapezoid– Miss Jenny

      Triangle– Ron Brown

Shape Adjectives
      Everything Has a Shape (Adjectives)– Hap Palmer

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