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Teaching Colors and Shapes to Young Children

Songs for Toddlers, Preschool, and Early Childhood
Color songs

These songs that teach about colors and shapes are available from a variety of albums:    

Color Songs
Blending Colors With My Feet – Music with Mar.
Colors – The Battersby Duo

Colors – Music with Mar.
Colors – The Rocking Rockets
Colors All Around – Jack Hartmann
Colors All Around – Listen & Learn
Colors Dance – Patty Shukla
Colors in Motion – Hap Palmer
Colors of Our Clothes – Music, Movement & Magination
The Colors of the Rainbow – Andy Z
The Colors of the Rainbow – David Putano
The Colors of the Rainbow – Ellen Allard
Eight Pretty Colors – Ron Brown
I Know the Colors of the Rainbow – Ella Jenkins
I See Something Blue – Super Simple Songs
I See Something Pink – Super Simple Songs
I Spy Colors – Stephanie Burton
I Spy Attributes – Ron Brown
Jenny Jenkins – Two of a Kind
Jenny Jenkins – Songs For Teaching™
Let My Colors Flow – Grin Brigade
Magic Colors (Blending Primary Colors) – Music, Movement & Magination
MMM Color Farm (spelling colors)– Music, Movement & Magination
Parade of Colors – Hap Palmer
Primary Colors – Ron Brown
The Primary and Secondary Colors – School Art Theatre Productions
Put A Little Color On You – Hap Palmer
Rock Your Body To The Colors – Jack Hartmann
Roy G. Biv – Patty Shukla
Spelling Colors – Music with Mar.
Stand Up – Stephen Fite
To Make a Rainbow – Johnny and the Raindrops
We Can Make A Rainbow – Vivi Melody & Family
What Color Did You Wear? – Coleen & Uncle Squaty
What Color Is It? – Jeanne Nelson and Hector Marín
What Color Will You Be? – Liz Buchanan

The Tomato – Thomas Moore/Linda Brown
Little Red Train – Pam Donkin
A Pumpkin Sigh Poem – Linda Brown
Orange Tiger – Thomas Moore/Linda Brown
Bumblebee – Thomas Moore/Linda Brown
The Elf Poem – Linda Brown
Five Green Apples – Ellen Allard
Green Toes – Thomas Moore/Linda Brown
Bluebird – Thomas Moore/Linda Brown
Bright Blue Jeep – Tim Seston
Purple Pickle – Thomas Moore/Linda Brown
Velvet Faces Poem – Linda Brown
A Little White Bunny – Thomas Moore/Linda Brown
Whiteness Poem – Linda Brown
Five Brown Buns – Ellen Allard
Gingerbread Man Poem – Linda Brown
So Many Shades of Brown – Kare Strong
Three Brown Bears – Thomas Moore/Linda Brown

Black Cat – Thomas Moore/Linda Brown
Hello There! – Thomas Moore/Linda Brown

Shape Songs

A Circle & A Ball & A Box & A Square – Ken Whiteley
Basic Shapes – School Art Theatre Productions
Circle – Ron Brown
The Circle and Square Song – Rita Gold
Circles Go Round and Round – Jennifer Fixman
Crazy Polygon Shapes – Music, Movement & Magination
Drawing in the Air – Music with Mar.
Everything Has a Shape (Adjectives) – Hap Palmer
Flat and Solid Shapes – Miss Jenny
I Spy Attributes – Ron Brown
Peeper Shapes – Mary Jo Huff
Rectangles – Ron Brown
Shape Song #1 – Super Simple Songs
Shape Song #2 – Super Simple Songs
Shape Train – Ron Brown
Shape Up – Jack Hartmann
Shapes All Around Us – Music, Movement & Magination
Shapes Are Great – Michael Hradek
Shapes – Patty Shukla
Shapes Song – Kiboomu Music
Space Shapes – Music, Movement & Magination
Square – Ron Brown
Square Dance to Shapes – Debbie Paulsen
Solid Shapes – Miss Jenny
Trapezoid – Miss Jenny
Triangle – Ron Brown
You're in Great Shape!!! (Pentagon, Hexagon & Octagon) – Kathleen Wiley
We Know Our Shapes – Music with Mar.

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