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Music for Children with Autism

These songs for children with autism are available from a variety of albums:

       Body Check– Tuned In To Learning
       Body Talk– Tuned In To Learning
       Breathe– Lauren Mayer 
       The Colors of the Rainbow– David Putano
       Compliments– Tuned In To Learning
       The Days of the Week– David Putano
       Emotion– Songs For Speech and Language Skills
       Everybody Touch Your Head– Margie La Bella
       Everyone Is Differently Abled – Lorraine Bayes and and Danny Deardorff
       Everyone Has Strengths to be Proud Of– Cathy Bollinger
       The Expression on My Face–Tuned In To Learning
       The Feelings in My Heart– Listen and Learn
       Funny Food– Lauren Mayer 
       Hey Hello– Margie La Bella
       I Can Say "Excuse Me"– Cathy Bollinger
       It's a Snap– Lauren Mayer
       It's Okay That Sometimes I Don't Understand– Cathy Bollinger
       Let's Get Movin'– Lauren Mayer
       Looking for the Good– Lauren Mayer 
       Look Towards Their Eyes– Cathy Bollinger
       Look at Your Neighbor– Tuned In To Learning
       Move and Stop– Margie La Bella
       Move It To the Music– Margie La Bella
       My House– Lisa Barnett
       My Turn, Your Turn– Cathy Bollinger
       Roll With It– Lauren Mayer 
       The Opposite Song– David Putano
       People Like It When I Say "Hi"– Cathy Bollinger
       Stand Up, Sit Down– Margie La Bella
       Super Student– Tuned In To Learning
       Time To Eat– Jaycie Voorhees
       Time to Change– Lauren Mayer
       Thank You– Jaycie Voorhees
       Wait, Wait!– Lauren Mayer
       We All Have Feelings– Margie La Bella
       When I Feel Angry– Jaycie Voorhees
       When Your Manners Shine– David Putano
       Yes, I Can – Lauren Mayer

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