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Dr. Jean: Better Bodies and Brains CD

Better Bodies and Brains
Dr. Jean
Double CD Set

Dr. Jean shows you how to build Better Bodies and Brains with her new 2-CD set. As always, Dr. Jean's music stimulates interactive play, and this CD set is dedicated to getting children to MOVE! Dr. Jean's secret is to make it so much FUN they won’t realize it’s exercise. There are a total of 56 music tracks, 28 vocals and 28 instrumentals for each of the titles.

Click MP3 Demo to listen to sound clips; click Song Lyrics to view lyrics, click the title link below to purchase song individually:

Disk One

Disk Two
 Song Lyrics 1. Time to Get Up (Vocal)
       2. Time to Get Up (Instrumental)
 Song Lyrics 3. Hello Friends! (Vocal)
       4. Hello Friends! (Instrumental)
 Song Lyrics 5. Morning Stretch (Vocal)
       6. Morning Stretch (Instrumental)
 Song Lyrics 7. ABC Kick Box (Vocal)
       8. ABC Kick Box (Instrumental)
 Song Lyrics 9. Letter Pops (Vocal)
       10. Letter Pops (Instrumental)
 Song Lyrics 11. Phonercise (Vocal)
       12. Phonercise (Instrumental)
 Song Lyrics 13. Cheering Letters (Vocal)
        14. Cheering Letters (Instrumental)
 Song Lyrics 15. Macarena Count to 100 (Vocal)
       16. Macarena Count to 100 (Instrumental)
 Song Lyrics 17. This Is the Way We Exercise (Vocal)
       18. This Is the Way We Exercise (Instrumental)
 Song Lyrics 19. Seven Days of Boot Camp (Vocal)
       20. Seven Days of Boot Camp (Instrumental)
 Song Lyrics 21. Sports Around the Year (Vocal)
       22. Sports Around the Year (Instrumental)
 Song Lyrics 23. Jump Up, Turn Around, Cross That Midline (Vocal)
       24. Jump Up, Turn Around, Cross That Midline (Instru.)
 Song Lyrics 25. Hand Jive (Vocal)
       26. Hand Jive (Instrumental)
 Song Lyrics 27. I Am Slowly Going Crazy (Vocal)
       28. I Am Slowly Going Crazy (Instrumental)

 Song Lyrics 29. Chair Can Can (Vocal)
       30. Chair Can Can (Instrumental)
 Song Lyrics 31. My Bonnie Bounce (Vocal)
       32. My Bonnie Bounce (Instrumental)
 Song Lyrics 33. Wiggle Willy (Vocal)
       34. Wiggle Willy (Instrumental)
 Song Lyrics 35. Banana Dance (Vocal)
       36. Banana Dance (Instrumental)
 Song Lyrics 37. Kids on the March (Vocal)
       38. Kids on the March (Instrumental)
 Song Lyrics 39. Jump Rope Rally (Vocal)
       40. Jump Rope Rally (Instrumental)
 Song Lyrics 41. Zoo Movements (Vocal)
       42. Zoo Movements (Instrumental)
 Song Lyrics 43. Patty Cake Party (Vocal)
       44. Patty Cake Party (Instrumental)
 Song Lyrics 45. Line Dance (Vocal)
       46. Line Dance (Instrumental)
 Song Lyrics 47. Head, Muscles, Baby 1-2-3 (Vocal)
       48. Head, Muscles, Baby 1-2-3 (Instrumental)
 Song Lyrics 49. Balancing Act (Vocal)
       50. Balancing Act (Instrumental)
 Song Lyrics 51. Tighten and Relax (Vocal)
       52. Tighten and Relax (Instrumental)
 Song Lyrics 53. Tony Chestnut (Vocal)
       54. Tony Chestnut (Instrumental)
 Song Lyrics 55. It’s All Good! (Vocal)
       56. It’s All Good! (Instrumental)

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