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Hap Palmer: Multiplication Mountain

Multiplication Mountain
Hap Palmer
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The multiplication facts in Hap Palmer's Multiplication Mountain are presented in the order that most students find easiest to learn. Hap Palmer starts with the 2s, 5s, 10s, and 11s tables on the first level of the Multiplication Mountain. With each fact you learn on the first level, you learn a fact you will find further up the mountain. For example, because 2 x 9 = 18, and 9 x 2 = 18, you learn a 2x fact and a 9x fact at the same time!

Multiplication facts are easy to learn if you slowly but steadily climb the Multiplication Mountain with Hap Palmer. Start on the bottom and climb from left to right. With every step there is one less fact to learn, and by the time you’ve climbed the mountain and reached the sun. . .you only have one fact to learn: 12 x 12 is 144. Enjoy the climb! Each table has its own catchy song to help you memorize the facts. Lots of musical styles are included to make the climb interesting and fun.

MP3 Demo   Song Lyrics 1. & (2.) The Twos Give You Twice MP3 Demo   Song Lyrics 15. & (16.) Let’s Multiply By Six
MP3 Demo   Song Lyrics 3. & (4.) Tens Trip Off Your Tongue MP3 Demo   Song Lyrics 17. & (18.) Eights – Shimmy, Shimmy Shake
MP3 Demo   Song Lyrics 5. & (6.) Fives Alive MP3 Demo   Song Lyrics 19. & (20.) Sevens – Almost to the Top
MP3 Demo   Song Lyrics 7. & (8.) Elevens have Those Doubles MP3 Demo   Song Lyrics 21. & (22.) Twelves – Reach for the Sun
MP3 Demo   Song Lyrics 9. & (10.) Waltzing Through the Threes MP3 Demo   Song Lyrics 23. & (24.) Fours Bonus – Twelve Race Cars
MP3 Demo   Song Lyrics 11. & (12.) No. Nine Rollin’ Down the Line MP3 Demo   Song Lyrics 25. Shake Up the Tables
MP3 Demo   Song Lyrics 13. & (14.) Rockin’ the Fours             26. Shake Up the Tables (Choose your own facts)

Numbers in parentheses ( ) are the fill-in-the-answer versions.

Songbook download also available! (select 7142-DSB below) The songbook contains lead sheets with melody, chords and lyrics for all the songs from the award winning CD Multiplication Mountain. In addition, the book includes a complete teaching guide with lyric sheets, actions and activities for lesson extensions.

All the sheet music plus the complete teaching guide are included in one downloadable, printable PDF document.

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