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Songs for an April Theme Unit

Song suggestions for the month of April.
April Songs

The songs on this page are compiled from a variety of different artists and albums. We have grouped them together to help you narrow your search.

These April songs teach about spring weather, Earth Day, and Arbor Day.

All the Trees are Standing – Fran Avni 
April – Listen and Learn
April Add Along Song – Andrea Moon
April Fool – Linda Brown/Dr. Thomas Moore
Baby Chick – Linda Brown/Dr. Thomas Moore
Can it! Save the Planet! – Music with Mar.
The Earth is My Mother – Carol Johnson
(Every Arbor Day) Plant A Tree – Marla Lewis
Every Day an Earth Day – Ron Brown
Five Little Rabbits – Music with Mar.
From a Seed Into a Tree (Living Things) Music Movement & Magination
The Good Earth – Jack Hartmann
I Love the Rain – Listen and Learn
It's Spring – Pam Minor
Just Ducky – Karen Rupprecht & Pam Minor
Marching Into Spring – Listen and Learn
Mighty River Running Strong – Joan Maute, Ed.D.
Mr. Frog - You Just Think You're Smart!  – Dianne Baker
One World – Lucas Miller
Pick it Up – Joan Maute, Ed.D.
Plant a Tree for Tomorrow – Dianne Baker
Polliwog-Wog  - Karen Rupprecht & Pam Minor
Pollution Patrol  - Caroline and Danny
Rainy Day – Listen and Learn
Recycle Song – Joyce Paultre
Recycling Blues – Music with Mar.
Save the Earth – Jack Hartmann
Save the Earth! – Dianne Baker
Save the Frogs! – Dianne Baker
S.O.S. – John "Kinderman" Taylor
Sweet and Sour Rain – Chris Rawlings
The Talking Clean Town – Joan Maute, Ed.D.
That's the Earth (Earth’s Physical Features) –Music Movement & Magination
Thunder Cake – Sam Jones
The Tree – Linda Brown/Dr. Thomas Moore
Trees – Prue Whoo
Up In A Tree – Frank Bruen
Waste Not, Want Not – Two of a Kind

April also has these Month Long Observances:

Autism Awareness Month
  See our songs about Autism

Keep America Beautiful Month
  See our Environmental Songs

Math Awareness Month
  See our Math Songs

National Frog Month
  See our Amphibian Songs

National Garden Month
  See our songs about Gardening

National Humor Month
  See our Silly Songs

National Volunteer Month
  See our Character Education Songs

Holidays for the Month of April

April 1st
- One Cent Day

  See our songs for teaching about Money
- April Fool's Day
  See Dr. Thomas Moore's April Fool Song

April 2nd - International Children's Book Day
  See our songs that were inspired by
  Classical Children's Literature

April 5th - National Read a Road Map Day
  See our Geography songs

April 7th - World Health Day
  See our Health songs

April 8th - Zoo Lovers Day
  See our Zoo songs

April 10th
- Encourage a Young Writer Day

  See our Writing songs
- National Sibling Day
  See our songs about Family

April 11th - Jackie Robinson Day
  See our Sports songs

April 13th - Thomas Jefferson's Birthday
  See our songs about U.S. Presidents

April 15th - Leonardo Da Vinci's Birthday
  See our Art Appreciation songs

April 18th - Pet Owner's Day
  See our Pet songs

April 20th
- Kindergarten Day
  See our Early Childhood songs

April 22nd - Earth Day
  See our songs to celebrate Earth and/or Arbor Day

April 23rd - International Sing-Out Day
  See our Music Appreciation songs

April 26th - Hug a Friend Day
  See our Friendship songs

April 27th - Tell a Story Day
  See our Fairy Tales, Nursery Rhymes & Poetry songs

April 28th
- Save the Frogs Day

  See our Amphibian Songs
- Poetry Reading Day
  See our Cheers, Chants, Raps & Poetry songs

April 30th - National Honesty Day
  See our Trustworthiness songs


All Year- Intelli-tunes
The Alternative Energy Suite - Joan Maute, Ed.D.
Color Your Environment - Frank Bruen
Frog Songs - Dianne Baker
Months- Listen & Learn
Months of Music- Karen Rupprecht & Pam Minor 
Nature Tunes - Prue Whoo
Our Earth - Dianne Baker
Rhythms & Rhymes for Special Times- Jack Hartmann
Sing a Song of Holidays – Dr. Thomas Moore

Musical Plays

Environmental Show - Bad Wolf Press

See more songs for Theme Units and School Concert Songs

Book Suggestions for April:
book book book

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